Message from our Road Captain
long (hopefully on a trickle charger) when
awaken from their deep slumber the rider
needs to plan some time to conduct a safety

2. Check tire pressure with a tire pressure
gauge and check tread depth, do not just look
at them actually measure the air pressure.  

3. Check all fluids levels, brakes, oil and
transmission.  When looking at the fluids
ensure it does not have a white or milky film
present, if it does that is a good sign the fluid is
contaminated and needs to be replaced before
safe operation can occur.  

4. Check brake and clutch cables for proper
operation looking close at the couplings for
frays of fluid leakage.

5. Check chain driven bikes chains for proper
oiling, check belt drives for elasticity, cracks
and shaft driven bikes check shaft for leakage
around seals and fill location.  

6. Check all lights, headlights high/low beam,
forget your fancy dancy led lights for
operations, as an wire shortages could short
out and or drain your battery.  

7. Check seat for cracks, dry rot and overall
serviceability.  Finally check your mirrors
ensure they are tight and ready for happy and
exciting riding season.  

BSMC Ohio Mother conducted Motorcycle